Our Investment Approach is simple, we acquire what we believe to be niche companies and work with management to grow them into thriving, sustainable enterprises.  We partner with highly motivated management teams to design and implement strategic and operational changes with the objective of taking these businesses to the next level of growth and beyond.  The difference between Red Deer Capital and traditional Private Equity, is that Red Deer Capital is self-funded.  We are not subject to fund raising activities, and short term exit strategies.  We invest in companies for the long haul.

Prospective acquisitions for Red Deer Capital are typically:

  • Family owned businesses where the owner / founder, or family members are ready to divest themselves of the business in lieu of passing it on to the next generation
  • Private partnerships, whereby one or more of the owners are ready to sell their shares
  • Corporate divestitures of divisional assets that no longer meet the overall corporation’s investments strategies
  • ESOP terminations, where the Trustees have determined that the benefits of being an ESOP no longer outweigh the costs associated with being an ESOP.